Selected essays and articles 

Books & Arts

"AIDS is the Antagonist: An Interview with Rebecca Makkai," Electric Literature, July 2018

"Do Sophisticated Midwesterners Exist? An Interview with Curtis Sittenfeld," Electric Literature, July 2018

Interview with Cheston Knapp on Up Up, Down Down, Bookforum, June 2018

Interview with Rachel Kushner on Prison Abolition & The Mars Room, Electric Literature, May 2018

"A Dead End for Mentorship: On Meg Wolitzer's The Female Persuasion," The Lifted Brow, May 2018

Prepare to Be Ruined, Mask Magazine, March 2018

The Hater, Triangle House Review, March 2018

"Motherhood is What Keeps Women Oppressed: An Interview with Meaghan O'Connell" Electric Literature, March 2018

The Answer is Painfully Obvious, Triangle House Review, February 2018

The Point is Art, Triangle House Review, January 2018

The Rumpus Mini-Interview Project: Chelsea Martin, The Rumpus, December 2017

Interview with Eli Valley on Diaspora Boy, Electric Literature, October 2017

"Claire Messud on the Power and Pitfalls of Female Friendship" Electric Literature, October 2017

"Interview with Rachel Khong on Goodbye, Vitamin" Bookforum, August 2017

"Gender Roles and Other Baggage You Get From Your Mom: An Interview with Sara Taylor" Electric Literature, September 2017

"Our Education System is as Crazy as Anything in Science Fiction: An Interview with Megan Stielstra" Electric Literature, September 2017

"Interview with Camille Bordas on How To Behave in a Crowd" Electric Literature, August 2017

"The Desires of the Protagonist: On Alissa Nutting's Made for Love" The Fanzine, July 2017

"Forging a Different Way of Being: A Review of Romina Paula's August" 3:AM Magazine, June 2017

"The Hollywood of the Self: An Interview with Catherine Lacey" Electric Literature, June 2017

"The Reality of Memoir: Delphine de Vigan's Based on a True Story" The Rumpus, June 2017

"The Power and Purpose of Gossip: An Interview with Katherine Heiny" Electric Literature, May 2017

"Interview with Melissa Febos on Abandon Me" Bookforum, March 2017

"Durga Chew-Bose's Taxonomy of Self: A Review of Too Much and Not the Mood" 3:AM Magazine, April 2017

"Interview with Dana Schwartz on And We're Off" Electric Literature, May 2017

"San Fermin's Allen Tate on Solitude and His Solo Debut 'Sleepwalker'" The Village Voice, January 2017

"Forgetting Cormac McCarthy: On Dating Men Who Won't Read Books by Women" Refinery29, July 2016

"Every Email is Illuminated: On Writing in a World of Privileged Literary Men" Medium, July 2016

Female Solitude

"On Spending Christmas Alone" The Washington Post, December 2015

"Suspicion and the Single Girl" Bustle, May 2016

"Night Mares" (print) The Soundings Review, Winter 2015 issue

Sex, Shame, & Sex Shaming

"Sexual Harassment in the Service Industry is So Common That it Can Start Feeling Normal" The Frisky, August 2016

"Shame! Greek Life on Trial" Mentone Special, December 2012 (Note: this piece is a satire.)

"Ground Control to Danger Man" Mentone Special, May 2012

Food, Wine, & the Service Industry

"A Financial Defense of the Service Industry" The Billfold, August 2016

"In Defense of Not Cooking" The Rumpus, December 2015

"Cocktails and the Beauty of Botanicals" Greenpointers, May 2016

"Writers, Former Waitresses" Server Life, May 2015

Poking Holes in Conventional Wisdom

"Quitting My Toxic Job Helped Me Create a Better Life" Bustle, July 2016

"Woman Vs. Compliments" Full Grown People, March 2016

"Now it's Time to Sink the Houseboat" Mentone Special, May 2013