Brunch Girl Eats Brunch Two

Last night I went in to my new job for bar training, because praise the lorde I got a job at a brunch place that serves booze.  I guess this is what they call living the dream. They made me almost every drink on the menu to try, so obviously since my tolerance is what I don't know ZERO, I was drunk in about one minute. 

Bloody marys, mimosas, my death 

Bloody marys, mimosas, my death 

This was all good and fun, except I also had another obligation that go to a writing coaching session for my performance on Thursday! Of course this would be my life. And naturally I was assigned the same man I had last month - he's a nice man but I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm insane, which was only going to be exacerbated when I showed up at his house drunk! 

Alas, nothing could be done about this, so I got a sidecar and prepared for doom. 

I think I managed to act like an adult, but it's really hard to say. My handwriting is literally nonsense so good luck Becca revising your piece!  The irony here is that although this is pretty stereotypical of my college self, I have actually matured to the point where I no longer drink large amounts of booze before obligations. But I had to, because it was FOR MY JOB. What a joke I live. 

So when morning came round I was too hungover (those drinks all had like a million miles of sugar, plus our couch surfer and I split a bottle of wine when I got home to deal with the trauma) to make myself breakfast. So out into the world for brunch it was. 

I am currently slowly eating a portobello mushroom panini and side salad at Fig Tree Cafe. 


I have read maybe one page of The Most Dangerous Book because my brain can't handle words. Luckily the food is delicious and ideally it is curing me.  The portobello mushroom is well crusted, and the goat cheese on the sandwich is naturally divine. 

As usual I'm way more into the side salad than a person naturally should be. But the balsamic is just so delicious! 

I always have a great time eating at Fig Tree Cafe, and normally I would ingest one of their delicious cocktails...but alas I actually have things to accomplish today and probably can't go home and nap.