Brunch, at last. 100 Wines in Hillcrest

Today marks the first Sunday I haven't worked in seven months, aside from the day I called in sick after Vintage Johnston. (Sorry I'm not even a little but sorry, glad to be airing it publicly.) Naturally as a brunch waitress, I need to commemorate this occasion with brunch. Alas everyone is lame or busy and would not come with me, but this didn't stop me from backpacking alone in Europe so it will certainly not stop me from brunch. 

After an embarrassingly long time on Yelp, I decided on 100 Wines in Hillcrest primarily for the $1 mimosas. Like are you kidding? Can't chase me away from that.

Also walking distance from my house, which is a necessity if I'm drinking $1 mimosas. 



This is my first mimosa, grapefruit. Delicious. I'm the only person sitting at the bar which is a relief, I hate crowds when I'm not getting paid to be around them. Actually I hate them then too but at least they're giving me their money. 

This restaurant has a great atmosphere and pleasantly overflowing decoration, which is naturally my favorite aesthetic. 


I ordered a goat cheese salad, and I'm astonished that nobody has told me about the concept of a breakfast salad before, because I am AMAZED. Observe. 


And it is absolutely delicious. I'm trying to eat slowly to savor the joy. I mean goat cheese is always a dream, and props to the bartender for suggesting I get extra. Whatever the dressing is, it manages to inform the entire flavor even though there doesn't seem to be much on it. Great job everyone! I didn't notice the bacon pieces when I ordered it because I guess I'm still attempting to be a vegetarian, but I'm "transitioning" until December 1st so whatever. More on that later. 

A perfectly poached egg pleases everyone. I really have not managed this myself so I'm consistently impressed. I can't really figure out what kind of green this is but it's nice and light, which I am realizing is my favorite kind of food. Nobody would guess because I am so vocal about my voracious eating habits, but I just like to eat a lot of light foods. Heavy ones are rough on my poor stomach. 

And what's better than a simple well done light meal? Probably nothing. 

Other positives to this experience include:

Appropriately chatty bartender. Not too much, really an important designation. 

Whatever spice kick was in the salad that I'm loving.

Mealside reading of Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.


Music featuring 60's classics such as Do You Love Me and Make Your Own Kind of Music.

Nobody is better to brunch alongside but not speak with than gay men. I love living in Hillcrest. 

Alas, the hip couples are arriving to cure their hangovers.