Two Blind Girls One Europe

One fine day within the last month, Victoria, Mark and I were sitting outside trying to plot my re-entry into the blogging world.  While I was fine with just coming up with a witty name (or a dumb name) and starting a blog, Mark went into one of his usual persuasive sprees on why I needed to have a hook for my blog if I had any hope of it being successful.  This proved to be a difficult albeit funny conversation because I didn’t at the time (and still don’t) have any one particular objective when traveling.  I’m not searching for the perfect soup.  (Yes, this was discussed.)  I’m not out to review anything or interview any people.  In my opinion my hook should be that I’m witty and have a weird life, so weird things were bound to happen.

This of course did not satisfy Mark, ever the businessman. So the three of us set out on a long and ridiculous conversation about possibilities for my ‘hook.’  What I realized is that I didn’t want to blog about searching for one specific thing.  I just wanted to do what I do best (if you think I’m not good at it, shut up, because I’m not good at anything else either) which is telling stories.  With the combined brainpower of three of the most wily students to cross the Redlands campus, we came up with a somewhat ingenious solution that also solved the ever present problem of the long distance friendship, or LDF for those who are sick of hearing about people in LDRs or long distance relationships. 

Victoria, my LDF, would give me funny assignments from Redlands and I would accomplish them in whatever city I was in.  This way we would have a great ‘niche’ blog topic – well, perhaps not, I don’t know whose niche it is to track legendary friendships of college students – but whatever.  We had a great hook.  And, it was a great way to keep in touch. 

Now all we needed was a name.  This proved to be challenging, as you can see from the fact that the name is The Puppet’s in the Mail.  Trust me, it’s the best one we got.  We toyed around with a lot of ideas: Two Blind Girls One Europe, the Blindfolded Marionette, Traveling Blind Girls, etc, that all sounded like weird porn about being blind.  The name Puppet’s in the Mail came out of an idea for the creepiest reality tv show that could ever happen:

Somebody sends puppets with a videocamera implanted in their head to stranger’s addresses and films their reactions as they receive a creepy puppet.

Well, we couldn’t stop laughing about this concept and somehow the name stuck.  You know when you decide to wait a little while before coming up with new ideas and then suddenly since you’ve been referring to the thing with a joke name for so long, the joke name becomes real?  Yep, that’s what happened.

After I got home I decided that to make myself feel useful/get ready for the internet’s role in the adult world, I would also start a website part of which would be a truthful travel review blog aka my normal stories and adventures blog, because some of us just can’t let that one go.  But the Puppet’s in the Mail will still be my flagship blog because Victoria is making me keep the posts shorter so that more people will read them.  See, we’re a great partnership.  Bon voyage!