The Belated Chronicles

I hear that they say a picture’s worth a thousand words.  In posting the pictures from my recent jaunt around the globe, I actually had the opposite thought process.  Instead of thinking to myself, ‘wow, great, now everyone has 200,000 words worth of my experience,’ I realized how much happened to me that I didn’t capture in photos.  It was hard traveling with a  giant camera – I only took it out on certain days, I was nervous about it being relatively nice, and I couldn’t do the thing I usually do with that lovely gem, which is leave it around a party so that everyone can capture absurd moments with it.  Alas I will probably never again be in an atmosphere where I can safely do that. 

Additionally, I didn’t blog about traveling while I was doing it.  This is strange, when I was in Ghana I had far too much to say rather than too little.  And this time, it wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to say – I think it was just hard for me to gauge at the time what was needed to be shared with other people and what was, in a word, lame.  While in Ghana, I didn’t bother with this distinction.  I posted it all, from my adventures getting kicked out of art galleries to me being drunk in Ghanaian guesthouses reminiscing about Hoofbeat and listening to sappy music.  I wanted to discern this time, but it was hard to do that while I was moving.

Luckily, the experiences are still fresh enough in my mind that I feel it’s an adequate time to write about them.  I think it’s best this way, it’ll force me to pick out what was truly memorable and give me the chance to polish my writing, which proved to be an arduous task on my tablet with attached keyboard.  That may or may not be a large part of the reason that I didn’t type much while on the road. 

So I hope that you’ll join me  on this recollection of my time abroad, and this way I’ll also be forced to jot it down before it’s all gone from my memory.