James Joyce or the Titanic?

The ultimate question of my time in Ireland. Will I prefer the various Ulysses-James J related things in Dublin or the Titanic attractions in Belfast? Soon we will know because I am currently on the train from Dublin to Belfast, which is very pleasant and giving me a great opportunity to sit down. And look at greenery.

I managed to break routine and get up quite early for the train today, my hostel check out was at 10 and I could have gotten a late check out at 1 but a. I did not want to pay five euro and b. I wanted to get to Belfast earlier rather than later so I can at least have the choice to walk around today if I want it.

My first few days of traveling have ushered in a few insights about life preferences while traveling that I've found useful in my brain.

Your preferences and style of living are not going to change when on the road so it's best to accept yourself early and plan accordingly.

I had a hint of this from my time in Ghana, where I made the mistake of packing 'practical' clothes that I hated and made me feel gross every day, which is saying a lot since I was already sweating, covered in mosquito bites, and shitting 12x per day. So for this trip I packed my clothes in the style I like to wear at home and things that were versatile. I have seen lots of travelers in traditional 'traveling' clothes like weird outdoor pants and such but I don't really see the appeal because it's not like I never do the things I do while traveling at home. Do I walk around in America? Yes. Am I away from my place of living all day? Yes. So I see no reason to not operate in the same way here.

Waking times and day planning. I had this image of my daily plan while traveling: wake up at 8, write all morning, get ready, be out sightseeing or walking or whatever by 10 or so, go around until dinner or later, etc.etc. I think you can probably already see the flaw in this plan. Have I ever voluntarily got up at 8 am? Nope. And the times I have been forced to and be busy all day I was fucking miserable. (ahem.) I enjoy going about my days in a relaxed manner, taking some time to let myself transition from sleep in the morning, planning things out as they come, allowing myself time to sit and relax. I quickly realized that this was going to be the case while traveling too. Why would I want to torture myself just to get a few more hours of sightseeing in when I wouldn't enjoy them if I was exhausted and drained? I made an exception today because I knew I'd have some train hours to relax (and it is great) but on other days I have let myself take my time in the morning so I can adjust and be joyful.

This is a general philosophy that applies in many other areas as well. I like beer at home, so it's probably a good idea to budget money for that rather than assuming I magically will no longer want to drink it. I sometimes need to use technology to find out where I'm going so its best to make sure my phone is capable. Which has been a problem because my phone is a joke. But I'm working on it. Point is, as much as travel is about doing different things, we are still the same people and should not expect ourselves to magically become someone else when on the road.