Schuh Review: AerLingus

Now let me start off by saying that I love flying internationally and the reason I love flying internationally is because the first time I did so was on the best airline known to Becca as of yet in life, KLM.  I flew KLM to and from Ghana but the from trip was probably one of the best days of my life due in part to AerLingus.  Also probably due in part to the fact that I was returning to America, in large part in fact, but I don't care because KLM is amazing: free booze, billions of meals, great movies, attractive dutch flight attendants who make you feel classy and cosmopolitan even when you are flying in giant Ghanaian pajama pants and haven't showered or worn underwear for weeks.  

So in conclusion, AerLingus had a lot to live up to.  A red eye from Chicago is not the same recipe for magic as two flights back from Ghana so my favoritism is duly noted.

But really the unfortunate reason that AerLingus did not stand up to the pristine tower of KLM is because the flight did not have free booze.  What?!  What kind of international flight makes you pay for alcohol?  Maybe it's not as common as I've been brought to believe, but I think it makes perfect sense for it to be free since alcohol is a great way to sleep on an uncomfortable flight.  

So we started off on an unfortunate foot.  Free Sprite is nice but it's not going to help me conk out when I'm in an aisle seat.

Then AerLingus redeemed itself a little bit:  the movie selection was looking meh, so I turned to TV shows.  And Magic - they had five episodes of Girls!  I was a little annoyed that dinner was served an hour and a half into the flight, because it was only six hours and I obviously wanted to wait for dinner because it was free, but I knew that once I was done it would be a lot harder to sleep.  But having Girls to watch made that okay because I wanted to get through all of the five episodes they had.  My note on this: season 2 of Girls was crazy.  I noticed even more things watching half of it for the second time.  But I digress.

So I was right about the difficulty sleeping.  Once dinner was done and taken away, I tried to sleep for a lot of hours, but I basically just laid in a variety of uncomfortable positions, glared at my seatmate who seemed to have no trouble sleeping, and speculated at my chances of being kidnapped abroad.  (Hasn't happened yet.  Good news.)  

After three hours I realized that sleep was not going to come.  So I kept reading my flight book, Diane Keaton's autobiography, and waited for breakfast.  I did not really want ham on a croissant, but I did want to capitalize on the free food.  It was okay.  Oh yes, dinner!  Dinner was a high point for AerLingus.  The choice was between pasta and beef, and I was originally going to go for the pasta but the beef smelled really good and I did not regret it because after viewing my neighbors pasta which was ravioli I was like gross thank god I got this beef and potato jam.  They also had a slice of cheese and a really nice little Mediterranean influenced salad.  I love tiny flight meals.    

So AerLingus: you are no KLM, but thanks to Lena Dunham and dinner we can still be friends.