Schuh Review: Dublin Wax Museum, Dublin Writer's Museum, Christ Church Cathedral

My second day in Dublin was almost a week ago. Crazy how time flies. But now I'm at a small hostel in the Irish Countryside by the Giants Causeway so I have some time to relax/recuperate and update le blog for the past week. I came out here with two Canadian travelers I met at my hostel in Belfast and I'm glad I did because I really needed to get out of the city and the constant sightseeing was tiring me out. It feels good to just sit. The fact that I'm on a cute enclosed porch looking out at foggy Irish farms with a cup of tea certainly doesn't hurt.

I did a lot of my sightseeing in Dublin based on where I had access to with the Dublin pass. This had both pros and cons. It was nice to have the little guide so I never ran out of things to do, and obviously it was nice to save a lot of money, but I started feeling like I had to be doing stuff all the time since I had the opportunity with the pass. I feel like this a lot even pass-less-ly, so one of my goals is going to be to not pressure myself to do so many things in one day. It's hard to avoid that mentality when traveling but it just gets so tiring and I won't be happy if I don't take down time for myself to read and write and...sit.

Anyway, here's my take on most of the things I did on my second day in Dublin. I also saw the James Joyce Center (not to be confused with the James Joyce museum) that day, but I will do that in the separate JJ-obsession entry that is to come. Obsession/tearfest.

The wax museum was my first stop of the day. It seems like a strange attraction on the outset, as most wax museums do, but it was really close to my hostel and when I looked in the book that morning its the thing that called out to me. It turned out that unlike the wax museum I saw in New York when I was say twelve, this one was far more focused on history than celebrities. Which was very good, because I realized when I got there that I didn't really need to see a ton of wax celebrities. They went through periods of Irish history, from medieval myths to royalty stuff through many of the political trials to nowtimes. It was super interesting because I realized I knew very little about Irish history. Plus all the rooms had audio stories as well as the models and descriptions so I was not starved for external stimuli.

Next I headed to the Dublin Writer's Museum, which was AWESOME. It was relatively small, only two exhibition rooms, but it kept me occupied for the longest amount of time because the wealth of information was so bountiful and interesting. There was a great audio tour in addition to long written bios and artifacts. I was able to keep pretty focused and actually learned a lot and even remembered to write a little bit down, a rarity for me, but to be fair it was mostly things like "salons sound fun" "lots of women writers" and "James Joyce decided to devote his life to his art." which is a cool fact to think about though if you're me.

After the center, I headed back in the direction of my hostel and went to Christ Church Cathedral because it was still open (trouble with getting up late is that ones hours at attractions are decreased) and free with my card. It was wonderful because I love seeing churches but I was a little shocked that it cost six euro without the pass, which I probably wouldn't have paid. But then I saw this plaque that said that it costs 4000 euro per day to maintain the cathedral even including admission fees, so then I felt bad, but still did not donate any money.

Back to the present, I'm increasingly enjoying this hostel because we can see the ocean (there was fog before.)